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1021 union street corporation finds 1021 UNION STREET CORPORATION 1021 UNION STREET 11225

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1021 UNION STREET Information as of 2020
The property tax rating is very low.
The Building Class is B1 TWO FAMILY BRICK.
The Actual Assessed Value Total is $82,980.
The Current Market Value is $1,383,000.
The Tax Class is 1.
The Current Taxable Total Assessed Value is $18,391.
The Actual Assessed Value Total (Values as of the Final Roll) is $82,980.
The Final Market Value is $1,383,000.
Source of information is NYC Department of Finance see NYC Finance Document Source
Any corrections should be directed to NYC Finance
The highest house number is 1021.
The lowest house number is 1021.
The Street name is UNION STREET.
The Zip Code is 11225.
The Year Built is 1930.
The Zoning is R8A.
The Borough Block and Lot ID is 3011850063.

A recent property bill link is NYC Finance Property Tax Bill (11/22/2020)

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Tax Rating map (RED is high)

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