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100-17 35 avenue llc finds 100-17 35 AVENUE LLC 100-17 35 AVENUE 11368

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100-17 35 AVENUE Information as of 2020
The property tax rating is medium.
The Building Class is B1 TWO FAMILY BRICK.
The Actual Assessed Value Total is $64,200.
The Current Market Value is $1,070,000.
The Tax Class is 1.
The Current Taxable Total Assessed Value is $40,474.
The Actual Assessed Value Total (Values as of the Final Roll) is $64,200.
The Final Market Value is $1,070,000.
The Owner is 100-17 35 AVENUE LLC.
Source of information is NYC Department of Finance see NYC Finance Document Source
Any corrections should be directed to NYC Finance
The highest house number is 100-17.
The lowest house number is 100-17.
The Street name is 35 AVENUE.
The Zip Code is 11368.
The Year Built is 1920.
The Zoning is R5A.
The Borough Block and Lot ID is 4017340023.

A recent property bill link is NYC Finance Property Tax Bill (11/22/2020)

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